Smith Rowe made his long-awaited return from injury in Arsenal’s FA Cup

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Emil Smith Rowe, Arsenal midfielder, has recently recovered from an injury, but the courage is full of 4 heart rooms when he preludes the North London derby match that he has to break the wing Tottenham Hotspur, one place

Smith Rowe just knocked on the rust for the final 15 minutes of an FA Cup third-round match that just beat Oxford United 3-0 earlier this week after missing since September 2022. 

And even if it’s not 100% complete, the football players are expecte to participate in the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium a lot (January 15).

“We will practice hard ambush. And put all his energy into it, as it used to feel like last year, into the game against Tottenham.

“I think it will be a very important game for us. To grab a good result There is no better chance than this.”

“At present, the ufabet team feels very good. All my friends know how important it is to play in such a derby. 

Asian handicap Arsenal visit but still Spurs, the total score of two and a half, triple-5

Smith Rowe admitted that he had been suffering with a groin issue since he was 18, but now believes he will no longer be hampered by it as he looks forward to being involved more, starting with the north London derby on Sunday.